Lately, the days have turned into weeks in the blink of an eye. Yikes! Boy does time go by quick when you're a grown up. As a child a day felt like forever, there was so much time for playing and adventuring.

I still do lots of playing and adventuring but there's also lots of serious grown up things that I have to do too. Grown up things like study, hunting and gathering, cooking, cleaning, school runs, mama bear duties, making Little Bubalishka stock and I write over here too.

It doesn't sound overly inspiring but it can be! Stopping and taking in all the beauty in what seems to be the mundane can be terribly inspiring.

* stopping the car on school runs to walk in the canola
* a new surprise light in the kitchen
* watching our girls ride their bikes through the crunchy leaves - such joy!
* picking fresh flowers from our garden
* giving the house a bit of a spring clean, straightening up furniture and arranging things - feels so good!
* collecting goodies from our garden for dinner

There's lots to do in a day but there is always time to stop and smell the roses, jump in a puddle and sing a made up silly song. xx

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