creative spots

I've been pottering between my three creative spots lately. I couldn't choose a favourite between the three and I enjoy bouncing between them all. Inspiration from one place leads to another.

Going ons of late....

The sunroom - a super lovely friend bought me a book about needle work for Christmas. Its been wonderful to flick through and has inspired some new pouches in the making.

Working in my sunroom is even nicer now that I have my bridesmaid's dress fabrics framed and hung on my wall - another wonderful gift from another super lovely friend!

The garden -  we're at the peak of reaping our summer garden rewards right now. Armfuls of veggies are brought into the house most days. Weeding, watering and pottering around in the garden is so therapeutic - the nicest way to de-stress.

The kitchen - many hours are spent in the kitchen. The heart of our home. Cooking meals, cleaning, preserving, baking, chatting, drinking tea or gin and flicking through recipes.

Do you have a favourite spot in your home to get creative? x 

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  1. Love your words and images! I'm in the process of turning my study into a creative retreat. I have a corner in my room that I love - it's where I go to meditate and journal so I suppose that's my creative spot at home xx