rearranging routine

This week has moved at a different pace so far. Thinking it would be the usual week of school runs, rushing around, writing, studying and all those other bits in between - it's been anything but.

Instead one child has a cold and the other a tummy bug. So far, it's been cuddles, comforting, late nights, early mornings and the uneasy feeling that comes with sick children. It's times like these that I am so grateful that I am a stay at home mother. My routine has been thrown but I get to be here. To be present with my little ones. There's work to be done but I have been able to do that while they have napped and boy have they napped these past few days.

I've been housebound, which hasn't been so bad given the cold rainy weather we've had. The fire has been going for days and we've been pottering around at a super slow pace. Stories, tea, soup, fritters and a sneaky movie (or few) has eased us into this slow pace.

The hardest part being a restless three year old who can't understand why her big sister is sleeping all day at the moment. Longing to play and interact, such joy when Lola said she would try to paint for a bit with her. For that short while the house felt lively again before it was time to rest once more.

Rest time has been a quiet time for myself to take photos of stock, edit and fill the Little Bubalishka shop. I've studied and written a few posts. It's been a peaceful and productive time. It's been nice to work with both smalls sleeping soundly near me, just like they did when they were babies. It will be nicer though when they both have their strength back and they're back to their cheeky selves!

How is your week faring so far? xx


mothers day pretties

Mothers day is right around the corner. Here's a few Etsy pretties that have caught my eye...

one: toastie felt slippers  two: scientific oil burner  three: ceramic house candle holder  four: personalised embossed rolling pin  five: vintage embroidered pillow  six: linen scarf  seven: mid-century planter  eight: heart shaped nesting bowls


exploring autumn

It's Autumn. It's one of the most beautiful times of the year. The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping and the trees are losing their leaves. There's something magical about the change of seasons. After living further up north - which is beautiful too, I realised how much I love the obvious seasonal change down here.

The seasonal change can be a great thing to explore with your children. We can teach them about nature, the changes it goes through and how that might influence us. There are lots of Autumny things that we can explore like plants, colours, foods and weather.

Here's a few ways that you can explore Autumn with your children...

 Go on a walk with your children. Take a basket and collect fallen leaves, flowers or nuts. Look at what flowers are growing. Maybe some trees have lost their leaves or maybe the leaves have changed colour?

 Go to your local community garden, farmers market or through your veggie patch and look at what foods are in season at the moment. Maybe you could make some yummy apple muffins or pumpkin scones!

Journal the season by sticking leaves and flowers into a scrapbook or you could pop them into a flower press. You might like to draw some pictures of the things you've seen on your Autumn adventures or make a collage with your Autumn treasures.

Do you love the change in seasons? Are you ready for the cooler months, or warmer ones depending on where you might live? xx



We went on a little country adventure to see Tom's aunt during the week.

We ventured inland to Clunes where the air is a little cooler, the trees are bigger and the buildings are grander. We wandered the streets of the sweetest town that hasn't really been updated since it's gold mining hay days.

We collected apples from the streets, picked acorns, autumn leaves and wild flowers.

With most towns along the coast here growing and changing at such a rapid rate its so nice to spend some time in a town that has kept it's charming buildings and restored it's beauty rather than just modernising. The grand buildings in this little town are full of soul and invoke nostalgia from a time that we've only read about in history books. A time and a way of life that I feel we a growing so far away from at times. The simple life.

We came home happy, a little tired and more inspired to continue living our own simple life. 


'A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014'

Lola: we found the most biggest and beautiful apple trees growing in the street along our adventures this week. Lola was filled with so much excitement over seeing these apple trees growing in the streets of Clunes. Why don't we grow more fruit trees in our towns?

Sadie: giggles and flower picking in the sunshine while munching on apples that we picked in the street. Pure joy!

Joining Jodie with the 52 project


our time

We're currently on our Autumn break. We're moving at our own pace. Spending time together as a family and enjoying our little break together before school goes back again next week.

It had been so wet and the carousel saved us from a bit of a meltdown after a few home days. After the carousel we went to a local play and then for afternoon coffee with some friends. It rained and rained all day - which added to the fun. Little giggles in the rain and puddle jumps on the way to the car are one of my favourite things to witness as a mother. Such joy!

Thankfully the rain eased and the sun shone for the most glorious market day down at Little Creatures brewery.

Since the sun has returned we've enjoyed days at the lake trying to find Jemima Puddle Duck and collecting the falling Autumn leaves. Afternoons have been spent laying in the warm sunshine munching on pumpkin scones, date balls and hot cross buns. Savoring the warm sunshine while it still lingers and savoring the last few days of wandering at our own pace.

I love our time together. Yes, the house in messier, the children have had little arguments and bed times are a bit out of order at the moment, but that's ok. Our time together is so important.

What have you been savoring lately? xx



'A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014'

Lola: pulling faces and feeling rather chuffed to be on the carousel. She made sure she was holding onto the reins and held her posture perfectly too. Even carousel riding is serious business!

Sadie: excited and a little bit scared. That serious face with the odd smirk here and there until she felt at ease. 

The carousel saved our peace this week. Its been so wet these school holidays. Carousel rides are just as fun as real horse rides. Thank goodness. 

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