happy spring

It's officially Spring, hooray! What an exciting time of year it is. Blossoms, butterflies, baby lambs. Oh my. It really is a dreamy time of year!

Spring kicked off with a super warm day.... unseasonably warm but who could complain?!

As if the first day of Spring wasn't exciting enough, father's day was thrown into the mix too! In our house, with two little girls, the excitement was pretty nuts.

A morning of gift giving, bacon and eggs, singing and dancing to records. We marked Spring by planting some sunflower seeds in the garden.

We made our Spring nature table together and arranged it in Lola and Sadie's bedroom. They're super proud of their little arrangement!

 It was the perfect day to pop on a vintage frock and bake a pie while the little ones ran around nude in the sunshine trying the catch butterflies and making mud pies.

A playful bath, a fresh dress and we all set off to my parents for a Sunday roast. There was a sunset adventure spying cherry blossoms, roses and horses before we filled our bellies and settled in for some family time.

How was your weekend? Did you celebrate Spring, Autumn or Father's Day? xx

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