the big smoke

Earlier this week we went for a trip to the big smoke. Melbourne is only a short drive away so, with knitting and audio books in tow, it's fun to do city adventures with our children every once and while.

We had been offered passes and a tour of the Melbourne Aquarium by a friend who works there. There was a lot of hype about going to the aquarium (and not just by the little ones!). Our girls were gifted some shark and stingray teeth, which they were crazy excited about, and then we watched our friend Nick dive down to feed the sharks, stingrays and fish at feeding time - that was a bit nuts!!

Next we took the girls along the river where we ate ice cream, saw artists drawing on the pavement,watched the funniest magician I have ever seen, there was a man making balloon animals and various buskers including one man singing Elvis covers (he was terrible and I got the giggles). Our girls get to see magic every day on our river and beach walks. The city holds a different kind of magic for them and watching their little faces while they explore the wonders of the city really was something to watch!

At the end of our city adventures our girls were quite exhausted, as you can probably see in the last photo. Being exhausted from adventuring is the best kind of exhausted. Don't you think?

Have you had any fun adventures lately? xx

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