wintery days

We're in winter mode around here. It's the winter school holidays so we're in the land of sleep-ins, staying in our pj's until midday and pottering around at a slower pace than usual.

It recently occurred to me that school holidays aren't just for the children. This mama bear is quite enjoying the break too!!

There's been LOTS of knitting, weaving, baking, playing and lazing by the fire drinking endless cups of tea. It's been rather wintery and peaceful indeed!

We were gifted a jar of yeast earlier in the week. The yeast is kind of like a chain letter, where after 10 days you cook with one portion then give away 3 portions to others to look after and bake with. It's called Herman The German Friendship Cake. It's really the most sweetest idea! You can find out more information here, in case you might like to start your own.

I've been chipping away at new stock slowly. Very slowly. Taking advantage of these wintery days with no plans at all and having a healthy balance of work and play. I will be ready to start popping items in my shop very shortly. I'll keep you posted on that!

I hope your enjoying whatever season you maybe living in at the moment. xx

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