rainy sunday

It's one of those wet, stay in your pj's all day long while you potter around kind of Sundays. The best kind!

I have myself a cosy little nook on the couch, a hot cup of tea and some yummy Herman The German Friendship Cake while I read and listen to our little ones play dress-ups in the next room. Perfect!

Our enamel kettle is filled with water and orange oil. It's resting on the fireplace and the room smells so good!

There is a spot of sewing to do today also. Well, maybe more than a spot. More like I have to make a sleeping bag. Eeeep! I've had three weeks to make it while being on the winter school break but it had completely slipped my mind. Whoops! Best get sewing then, hey!

How are you spending your Sunday? I hope you're enjoying it! xx

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