litte clay village turorial

How cute are these little clay houses?! They were super easy to make and they are one of my favourite little handmade treats that are around the house at the moment. Would YOU like to make some too?

You will need:

* a packet of air dry clay in white
* a knife
* a toothpick
* paints - I used watercolour paint

Remove the clay from it's package and place it on to a clean surface. With a knife cut out some little house shapes. You could draw a house shape template onto some paper and cut around that or cut directly into the clay, whatever your comfortable with!
 With a toothpick etch some designs into the clay. You could etch windows, doors, tiles or maybe a little folk inspired pattern?
 Now leave your little village to dry. This might take a few days! 
 Once your village is dry you could leave it as is or pop a little bit of colour on them. I used a hint of watercolour paint.

Now admire the lovely little village that you built with your own two hands! xx


  1. This is fantastic! Such a great tutorial, will def. give it a go. Love how you cut the houses straight from the clay - you can't go wrong! Thanks x