happy new year

Happy 2013! Hooray! Did you have a lovely new years eve?

I spent a little bit of time yesterday thinking about the year that was 2012. I closed my bricks and mortar shop, I got married, my eldest started kindergarten, we went on a road trip and moved into a cute little beach shack. 2012 was mostly a year of change. Change is scarey but it also really good!

I have written a list of all my wishes and dreams for 2013 rather than a new years resolution. I'm excited for 2013. It's going to be a great year!

We had a very peaceful new years eve down by the river where my friend's parents are camping. A few quiet drinks, bocce on the sand, my little walking hearts frolicking around in the sunset and fireworks at midnight was a lovely way to bring in the new year. 

I hope you have the most wonderful year filled with love, laughter, adventure and more! xx


  1. What a wonderful post! Your celebrations sound lovely and 2012 sounded huge! I hope 2013 bring much love and happiness!