Today my Lola is five. Five! I can hardly believe it. It's kind of a big deal. That's a whole hand worth!

This morning Lola woke up to a living room filled with balloons, wrapped gifts and her new 'big girl' bed. She also got some lovely gifts in the post (thank you to those who sent gifts!!). We played records, sipped tea and giggled while we prepared everything for her party.

The children wore crowns that I made from some vintage fabrics and played in the sunshine until they were all quite red faced (it's super hot today!). Watching children play together can be so entertaining!! After singing happy birthday, eating cake and a spot of more playing, Lola then farewelled and thanked her guests with some crayons she had made for them.

What a big morning! Now it's time to prepare for the grown up party! A festive day indeed!! xx


  1. I love that little night light, we have the same one here...just low enough to keep tucked under an arm in bed.........

  2. Sounds like they had a lovely day. Happy birthday Lola!