Maybe I'm drunk on sunshine, but right now I'm feeling pretty happy. I'm writing lists and making my new year wishes take form. This process is also reminding me of all things that I am blessed to have in my life right now. Right now I'm grateful...

* for my children

* for this beautiful little spot in the world that we get to call home

* for our vegie patch

* for our kitchen and all my kitchen tools!

* for date nights with my love

* for summer drinks with the bestest friends

* for sunshine!!

* for our comfy bed

* and for fruitful op-shop adventures

Do you sometimes get on a little sunshine high and ponder about all the beauty that this life has to offer? What are you grateful for? xx


  1. All the time! There's something about blue skies and sun-shining days that makes me feel lighter & happier! Gorgeous gratefuls! Love your images too! Thank you for finding my blog via veggie mama xx