It really is that time of year again, yikes! My little ones are at the age where Christmas is magic. There's much excitement growing in this house and we're all getting into the Christmas cheer. Presents and gimmicks aside, it really is such a wonderful time of year. I've spoken to those who find Christmas overwhelming but I don't want to feel that. I've made up an advent calendar out of paper cones strung on some twine. Each night before I go to bed I've been popping a little task or surprise into the cones for the morning.

Day One: We don't follow a particular religion in this house but I still think it's important for our girls to understand why Christmas is celebrated. Bible stories have some good morals and whether our children choose to believe or not I think there's a lot of good ideals and moral in these stories, just as there are in other teachings around the world too!

Day Two: A little bit gimmicky... I know. Cute little woodland stickers.

Day Three: The task card said to make a Christmas lantern. We got a little carried away and made 9!! We decided to string them with fairy lights so these will be our Christmas lights this year. You can find a tutorial here if you'd like to make some too!

Day Four: Some Christmasy woolen headbands.

Do you celebrate Christmas? Do you get overwhelmed by the silly season or do you love it? xx


  1. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed about it this year, I'm just not ready. But I do love the Christmas season when I have a chance to enjoy it.

  2. I have not had much Christmas spirit at all this year. It just doesn't feel like Christmas. I hate sounding like a Grinch. I'm trying my best to force some Christmas cheer into my heart haha