outfits :: a little bit cute

Today's outfit post is a little different to most. I was about to get ready to post about my outfit but I thought my 2 year old's was so much cuter than mine! I bought this dress about a year and a half ago for Lola. I actually found it at a super tacky clothes shop that had temporarily set up for the summer. Amongst board shorts, bathers and outdated designer brand clothes was this little gem hanging all on it's lonesome in the window. It's woolen and has the cutest little felt pictures sewn onto it. I paid way too much for it but it was far too cute to leave behind. Today we discovered that it fits Sadie now. Hooray! Today this little dress has been on an adventure to playground, it went off to pick tea tree flowers for the kitchen table and now it's taking a nap before it gets up to more afternoon adventures later on!

Do you have any fun adventures planned for today? Do share! xx

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  1. How adorable! I can't wait to have a little girl someday so I can dress her so cute :) and be a mother of course