our gardening adventures

I'm writing this while feeling rather tired. It's been a big day of garden shopping, gardening and waaaay too much sun! Today we finished off our vegie patch and planted our seedlings. As we recently moved house we needed to start from scratch. We prepared the soil a few weeks ago and today we chicken-proofed the garden (I hope!). After we made our fence (with help from our little helpers) we finally got to plant! Hooray! We planted tomatoes, carrots, capsicum, sweet corn, eggplant, cucumber, zucchini, pumpkin and lots of different herbs. My hands are sore and my nose is a little pink but days like today are my favourite!

Do you have a vegie patch? What do you like to grow?? xx

P.S Yes, I was gardening in a velvet dress. Over the top? Never!


  1. I love that you were gardening in a velvet dress! I have some questions about chickens. Does their coup need a roof? Do you guys have issues with foxes? Do you have a fenced off chicken area or do you just let them roam around your garden?

    We just planted tomatoes and some seeds which well have to transplant soon into our garden.

    1. Hi Clare! The chicken coup does need a roof, they need a warm dry spot to nest in. They will lay their eggs in the coziest spot they can find so it's best you make it in their coup so you don't wind up on an egg hunt! We don't have any fox problems here, maybe on the outskirts of town you would though. We used to fence our chickens off but don't anymore. Their happy with their coup so always sleep in it and lay in it so we're happy to let them run free. We did have to fence off our vegie patch though coz they eat everything!! We're also really lucky that our dog loves our chickens as much as we do, she is even happy to share her kennel with them on a rainy day! Happy gardening!

  2. Love your little garden adventures! I so love to see how everything grows and then prepare and eat together with my two girls. Now we have fall here in italy and are still eating the last zucchini of the season.
    Happy growing and gardening!

  3. Great garden beds, they will be full and green in no time....