super simple lamp shade diy

The weather is finally starting to warm up and I'm really looking forward to spending evenings on the back deck. Its a cute little deck but has a light with no shade. Oh dear! So, I made this super simple light shade out of fabric and embroidery hoops.

1. Remove the center hoops (the ones without the screws) of two embroidery hoops. I used a 20cm hoop for the top and a 30cm hoop for the bottom.
2. Take some fabric (I used some vintage bed sheets I had previously thrifted). The fabric doesn't have to match, or it can, whatever tickles your fancy!
3. Cut the fabric into strips. I cut mine into strips that were 50cm long and 12cm wide. I then folded each strip in half lengthways.
4. Starting with the large hoop, tie each strip onto the hoop. Evenly space them out. I used 15 strips of fabric. You can use more or less, there's no rules!
5. Then do the same for the smaller hoop, making sure each strip is tied at the same length so the shade sits evenly.
6. Hang your lamp shade! I used some twine to tie mine to the bean that the light is attached to, or you could make a wire hook.

There you go!  A super simple, rustic, light shade! xx

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