Today has been such a windy miserable day. It does not feel like summer at all!! On top of the weather, my 7 month old is a wee bit unwell & germy. So instead of outside adventures today, us 3 girls had a very quiet day inside. The upside to this was lots of tea, snuggles and inspiration from getting snug and cosy to think about some new designs! My partner and I are in the process of setting up a humble little tea and craft shoppe so things have been kind of hectic of late. Being forced to slow down made for a wonderful opportunity to reflect and get inspired!! Rummaging through my fabric box and playing in the girl's room always gets my motivation swirling. Right now Tom is at a Barrister course and the girls are sleeping soundly so I'd best not waste this opportunity to pop on some music and get out the sewing machine... the dirty dishes can wait! xx

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