Please be nice

Hello there! So I have finally started a blog and I suppose the polite thing to do would be to introduce myself. My name is Tarah *shakes hand* and I have a small label called Little Bubalishka. Little Bubalishka is inspired by nostalgic childhood memories, all things vintage and by my two girls, Lola and Sadie. Through motherhood I have stepped back into a world filled of innocence, tea parties, gingerbread men and longing to be a ballerina when I grow up.
I love to conjure up little goodies from any material that warms my heart. Doilies, vintage storybooks, wood, felt and even nanna's old plates!
I have a few photos of some of the things I make, so have a gander ; )
I hope you have the most wonderful day and look forward to our next catch up xx 


  1. Hi Tarah. Nice to see you have arrived here in Blogland, enjoy!

  2. Welcome to blogland, it's a joy & some of the sweetest people you'll ever 'meet'. You'll absolutely love it!