Dawn Of The New Tooth

Right now I am in function mode! At the moment my 7 month old is teething. Tom and I have been quite spoilt to date as we have kids that sleep and in return have peaceful nights. Lola's teething went unnoticed.  Last night though, was a rude awakening as poor Sadie was up for most of the night in tears. So today I have gone through the motions on this lazy Sunday while trying to hunt and gather at the supermarket and work on ideas for the tea shop. While 'researching' I thought I would duck in and have a peek at one of my favourite blogs: http://mymilktoof.blogspot.com/ . Ironic really considering my sleepless night last night! Anywho, this blog always leaves me grinning like a Cheshire cat, especially today!!  I hope you enjoy it and have a peaceful nights sleep tonight ; )  xx

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