Winter's end is almost here. Our school's spring fair prep is in full swing. I've been making pompoms and crochet necklaces galore. I'll be onto jams and planting seedling into little pots next.

We've had the chance to steal a few quiet days here and there lately. At the moment I am studying, writing, making and being a full time mama bear in between so quiet days are welcomed with open arms!

Watching our little ones collect flowers in their pj's, helping to make pancakes and helping to tidy up after brings joy to my little heart! They're so proud of their efforts and they are a pretty good reminder that it's the simple things that count.

I finally finished a woven wall hanging that I've been working on and gifted it to a dear friend as a house warming gift. Now I need to make one for myself! 

How has your week been? xx

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  1. We've been making pom poms (and a mess) here too
    I love watching the smalls helping and achieving - always so proud!