furniture that kids can draw on

Hands up, who has a little one who can be a little frivolous with their crayons on your furniture? I do!

My sweet faced little doll, Sadie, can be quite rebellious and is often sparked by the fire in her belly to do naughty things. Sadie is three so it's to be expected and some times her curious adventures are a little bit funny. Sometimes, like when my vintage linen chair covers have been stained red with crayon, they make me want to cry.

Who knows, maybe Sadie is a budding interior designer? Maybe? For now though, I think it's safer if we give her some furniture that's ok to draw on!

You could use a table, stools, sideboard, bookcase or whatever might tickle your fancy!

I've used an old and very sad looking pair of Ikea stools.

Sand back the area you want to paint very lightly with some sandpaper. If your only going to paint a section of the furniture then tape up the areas that you don't want painted. I'm only painting the tops of these stools so will tape around the legs.

Chalkboard paint! Now, chalkboard paint comes in a range of different colours and you can get it from most craft and hardware stores. Today I'm using black.

Paint away! Painting about 3 coats is best. Make sure you let each coat dry in between.

 Let you furniture dry over night then remove the tape if you used any.

Now you have some child friendly furniture that's ok for your little ones to scribble all over! Hooray!! xx

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