goodbye summer

It's Autumn. I can hardly believe it though! It's sooo hot still and it looks like the heat is going to stick around for a little while longer.

I'm savouring these warm autumn days while we have them. The days are getting shorter and nights are a little cooler. The autumn chill will be here in no time.

This is has been such a wonderful summer! It's been unusually consistently warm for Victoria. Hooray for that!

As much as I do love the change in seasons I will be sad to say goodbye to summer for another year.

Goodbye to early morning, sunrise, walks on the beach. Goodbye to burnt summer fields. Goodbye to balmy outdoor evening drinks with the best of company. Goodbye to evening swims while watching the sunset.

We can still do most of these things, just with a few more layers! Goodbye summer, see you next year! xx

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