a few thifty finds...

Have you had many thifty adventures lately? Here's a few of my recent finds.

I was a little bit excited to find my first Johnson teapot last week! I've found that any Johnson stoneware has been a little harder to come across lately so finding a teapot was a little thrilling!

I've had a few fruitful hauls of craft supplies. Lots of wool, vintage bias binding tape, giant knitting needles, vintage lace, vintage fabrics and more! I think it will be a crafty winter indeed!

One of my favourite recent treasures would have be my little yak key holder. I'm all for cute and quirky and this little fella takes the cake!

What have been some of your favourite finds lately? Do share! xx


  1. wow, how cool are those knitting needles!! cant wait to see what you will make! its getting to that knitting season hey?