the long weekend

We enjoyed a nice quiet long weekend at home. After our roadtrip last week we weren't really keen to do anything too adventurous. Our sleepy little beach-side village was a little crazy with long weekend visitors so we didn't venture too far from home.

We did enjoy a few coffee dates at one of my favourite local cafes. It's one of those places where it's near impossible to walk out empty handed!

While the children played peacefully I had a chance to work on stock. Yey! I have lots of new necklaces that will be available in the shop later in the week. I'll talk more about that soon.

We baked, pottered around and tended to our little vegetable garden. Our girls were so excited to eat our first strawberry! Our wonky carrots have been pulled up, our tomatoes are slowly ripening and our little eggplants are starting to grow! I'm super excited about making tomato and eggplant relish soon!!

School starts back this week so a nice quiet weekend at home was perfect.

How was your weekend spent? I hope it was a lovely one! xx


  1. It sounds like you had a beautiful long weekend, all the sorts of things I would enjoy getting up to. I haven't been planting much at all this Summer it's been too hot here and until just last week too dry too but this afternoon when it cools down I hope to get outside in the garden. Wishing you a lovely weekend. x