neon indian

I received a bit of happy mail yesterday! Yey! Last week I was lucky enough to be the winner of the Neon Indian giveaway on the Oh! Hello Geelong blog. I was pretty excited.

In the car on the way home from our trip I was perusing the Neon Indian website trying my hardest  to work out what I might order. In the end I went for what I had fallen for the first time I had looked at the website. Tarot cards!

I feel like the beginning of this year has been a time of consolidating thoughts and figuring out my path. I grew up with a mother who always had insightful books, tarot cards and oracle cards readily on hand. I've always wanted my own deck of tarot cards but nothing had really tickled my fancy in the past. It was love at first sight with this deck though! This deck has the most beautiful and haunting illustrations. I love them and I think that's important. I spent most of the day yesterday curled up under a blanket in bed reading my tarot guide book!

I got some yummy sea salt soap for my husband. This soap is the best! Have you tried it? I also got a black skull tealight candle holder. The candle holder will be gifted to a special young man next week, I know he'll love it!

There are so many lovely treasures on the Neon Indian website. Pop over and have a look!! xx


  1. Love your post Tarah!
    So happy you were able to pick pieces from the online boutique that you will treasure and enjoy!
    Thank you

  2. Congrats on your winnings! Those cards are beautiful.



  3. How lucky! I am off to check out Hello Geelong. I have never heard of it before. xoxo