This week I got to cross something off my 'things I want to do this year' list! Some dear friends of ours sneaked off and got married late last year then threw a wedding party over the weekend just gone. We're sooo happy for them.

 They live 10 hours away so we had ourselves a little road trip adventure! Hooray! We have some of the bestest friends from our uni days on the north coast. We don't get to see each other all together in one group very often, so events like these are super special!

We drove in the most stifling summer heat. Driving inland in 40 degree heat with endless views of the burnt summer country side is quite pretty. Stops at the Murray river were welcomed with open arms!

There was a lot of crafting, reading, singing and eye-spy activities in the car. Thankfully our children are seasoned roadtripers!

Our children being re-united with their little friends and us with our grown-up friends was the best!

Have you been on any adventures lately? Happy adventuring! xx


  1. no adventures here. haha. what do you think about the happiness project? i loved it.

    1. I have only just started but I am loving it! It's a nice way to channel all this new year motivation!

  2. Road trips are the best. Yours sounds wonderful!