a wonderful wedding party

Here are a few snaps of the lovely wedding party we adventured up to over the weekend. My, what a wonderful weekend!

The wedding party was held at the most beautiful bush retreat. We were pretty blown away by the guest house we stayed at! It was the most perfect place to host a warm, festive gathering.

There was late nights and lazy days. A weekend of eating, drinking, reminiscing and being so happy for the lovely newly weds!

The wedding party ended while the sun began to rise. A night of amazing food, drinks, a musical jamboree that included guitars, a flute, tin whistles, a violin, spoons, pots, pans and dancing like a silly billy before passing out to the stories of friends travel adventures. Perfect!

Thank you Tristan and Julia for the most amazing weekend!! We love you to the moon and back xx


  1. Hi Tarah!

    What a beautiful little world you have created here! I followed a link from facey, and very happy I did! Lovely meeting you on the weekend. Hope your settling back into things & look forward to dropping by xxx

    ash xxx

    1. Hi Ash! I'm glad you followed the link too!I just found your blog and you have a very lovely blog yourself! It's so nice to have met you on the weekend indeed xx

  2. That guest house is GORGEOUS. Like, I want to live there, now. Looks like a lovely and fun wedding! :) The bride truly is glowing!

  3. Oh you all look so gorgeous!!
    EVERYTHING looks so gorgeous.
    Makes me wanna get married all over again. x

  4. what a cozy/comfortable looking wedding! they're usually so uptight. this is perfect.