the silly season

Life has been rather busy lately. It's to be expected, it IS the silly season afterall! There has been lots of gift buying, making, wrapping and posting.
In between all things Chrsitmasy there's been:

* a spot of wood carving. I had my first go at carving some wood. I got lots of cuts, a blister, a splinter, sunburn and 5 little gnomes! Whoa!
* broken vintage china
* lots of  mud pie making!
* lots of op-shop treasures. I was pretty excited to find this 70's pot plant holder for $2!
* christmas parties, birthday parties and all sorts of festive celebrations. We had some lovely friends over for a simple christmas bbq over the weekend. Any excuse to eat, drink and be merry with some good company I say!
* I've been drinking so much coffee lately!! Golly wiz!
* Pancakes! Do you order grown up meals or something fun when you go out for a bite to eat??
*More broken vintage china... uh oh. 

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  1. look at your adorable little garden! It looks like it's doing great!