spring fair

Today we spent the day the Steiner Spring Fair. My, what a fun day! It's my favourite fair! It's simple, it's honest and it's so damn cute! No jumping castles, rides or fast food. It's a festival where families pool together to make the most beautiful homemade wares, produce, games, food and lemonade. At the fair we...
* played with cute baby farm animals
* made paper butterflies
* rumaged through the lucky dip
* sat on hay bales and went fishing for beautiful wooden rainbow fish
* we searched for and found golden pebbles in the sand pit
* ate soooo many yummy homemade treats
* drank delicious lemonade
* we listened to music and enjoyed time with friends!
Whoa! What a busy day! It is well and truly time for bed indeed!! xx


  1. I want to scratch the little lamb head, it looks so soft! Glad you enjoyed the fair!



  2. Oh lovely! Steiner schools have the best fairs... I have a photo of my son holding a guinea pig at a fair - 2 seconds after that image he shoved it on the floor! x

  3. i'm so jealous! we're hiding on the couch waiting for as scary storm to pass :(

  4. hello fellow blog-school-er! even when there are jumping castles around, you often see kids have the best time being able to get up close and personal with the baby animals. sounds like a perfect day to me!