sunshine, picnics and pizza

We've had a few really lovely days this week. Its so nice to take advantage of those lovely days and go picnicking, adventuring and having fun! The closest CBD to us isn't really my favourite place to be, but there is one spot down on the water front that is really lovely. Unlike most of the town, which is either run down or 'modern contemporary?', this part of the waterfront has been restored beautifully. It's a nice place to eat ice cream and wander on the boardwalk!
We've been making lots of cakes, pumpkin scones and honey buns. I also made the yummiest spiced lamb pizza with yoghurt... it was an experiment and it worked! Hooray!
This week we also started reading The Enchanted Wood. I'm rather excited about this!! Watching my 4 year old's face is priceless. This book is pure magic. Did you read it as a child?? It's such a goodie! xx


  1. The Magic Faraway Tree series is still my favourite as a child, I read those three books many, many times....I still imagine eating one of Silkies Pop biscuits.......sigh.......

    1. I still imagine eating one of Silky's Pop biscuits too!

  2. Beautiful blog and beautiful photos! I love Enid Blyton. Love that you are reading aloud to your 4-year-old... I am excited to read something other than board books soon! :-)


  3. I love those old grand seaside buildings with their curves and beauty that you just don't see in buildings made now. My daughter has a few Enid Blyton's. Must see if this one's on the shelf.