settling in

It's been a month now since we started packing to move into our new house. We've since moved and we're just about settled. Life has been a little topsy turvy lately. There's still a few boxes that we need to unpack but I think we're almost there. Over the weekend we brought our chickens home, a complete family at last!

This last week there's been a focus on getting back into routine. That means playing, bedtimes, catching up with friends and all the ins and outs of daily life. At the moment Tom and I are working on our vegie patch and our little ones have been working on their mudpie making skills. We've been doing the usual trips to get milk, groceries, walks to the beach, river and playground. We celebrated spring at Lola's school and we watched our friend's band, Electric Alice, play. It's nice to get back into normal routine life. Routine doesn't mean boring, it means having time to do all the things we want and need to do. The weather is warming up too so I'm excited about BBQ's, gatherings and outings over the coming warmer months.

Are you enjoying the change in seasons?
Are you one who likes routine or do you fly off the seat of your pants?!


  1. Wow I bet they're getting good at mudpie making skills! How exciting is it that it's veggie planting time! We've just out a heap in ready for summer days! I'm loving the change of season! Really ready for the warmth!

  2. That first photo of the girls is too cute! What sweet little photos

  3. Aww these photos of your girls are so pretty! Especially the ones on the farm <3