plodding along

I feel like I'm coming out of hibernation. The days are getting longer and every days there's more and more little hints that spring is on it's way. We've been baking SO much lately! There's also been lots of days spent being crafty in the last week or so. Making new pillow covers, blankets, moving things around and giving the house a little bit of a spring clean. Even my little ones have been extra crafty this week; covering their scrap books in pretty vintage fabric and telling stories through cute little chalkboard drawings. Lately we've been getting the most yummiest, creamiest raw milk from a family friend who has the sweetest cow named Georgia. I love how excited my girls are by drinking fresh milk, eating freshly laid eggs, baking treats and helping me with my sewing. The simple things in life are by far the best!  xx

P.s You might have noticed a few things have changed here on my blog. Yes, even this blog has been given a spot of a spring clean! What do you think? Do you like? Yes? No?


  1. I'm jealous your spring is just starting and here the summer is winding down. Enjoy! Lovely photos!



  2. J just mentioned yesterday about how he noticed all the flowers coming out! Those simple fresh things sound so wonderful!