outfits :: black and white!!

Today I wore black and white! Oh my goodness, I never wear black and white! Stepping out of my comfort zone (or colour zone) and into something different. Yikes! Today was such a lovely bright day so my black and white attire didn't really phase me. We went on our Sunday adventure to get raw milk from a friends farm, we also went flower picking and jumping in puddles. It's been soooo wet lately so there was an abundance of puddles. We must have looked odd jumping in puddles on the side of a dirt road... we even got a honk from someone's car horn! Oh well, as silly as we may have looked... I'm not the sort of mother do deny my children some good puddle jumping! What crazy things have you been up to lately? I hope your Sunday has been a merry one. xx

* Dress: Sunnygirl * Shoes: The Horse * Ring: Scottato


  1. I love that blouse! very cute with tights (and black and white is a good sometimes) Cute blog found my way here from your add at oh so lovely vintage!

  2. Pretty outfit.
    I love your style!
    New follower :)


  3. Aren't the flowers to lovely at the moment! You can definitely see spring around! Such a lovely outfit you have on! I haven't been up to too many crazy things recently but I must remember to! Thanks for your reminder!