our wedding part 3


I realised that I haven't really shown much of the decoration side of our wedding. How silly of me! We kept it fairly simple as the building we were married outside of and held our reception in was pretty amazing. The beautiful stone, brick and wood was stunning on its own and we really didn't want to over do it.

Our decorations were handmade out of recycled materials. Bunting was made from vintage napkins, doilies, felt balls and handkerchiefs, which were given to me as gifts over my childhood years from my grandmothers. Tables were covered in vintage linens and lace. Flowers were popped in glass jars, bottles and tin cans. We drank eldeflower, apple and rosebud punch out of jam jars, the cake sat upon a beautiful pine tree stump and the aisle was marked out with fabric hearts.

 The wedding favors were hand made fabric bags with hand made tea bags inside. Decorating our wedding was extremely low cost, mostly because Tom and I hated the thought of buying lots of 'stuff' to use for just one day. Most of the things I made were made out of materials we already had and a few things were purchased from local op-shops. It felt so lovely to use decorations that were handmade and familiar. It's a good feeling knowing that nothing was thrown away either! Linens, lace and fabrics are back in my sewing room ready to be made into something new; the jars are being used for jam, as vases and for all sorts of bits and bobs. I now have an abundance of bunting too, about 100 meters all up.... Yikes! x


  1. Wow, looks absolutely lovely! I really love the flowers in the hanging bottles, might have to do it myself :) x