Wedding :: The 2 month count down!!

Hello there! Did you know that yesterday was not only Valentine's Day but also the 2 MONTH countdown until our wedding?! Golly wiz, I can hardly believe it! It feels like we've been talking about it for so long and now it's almost here. We are having a DIY wedding at The Portarlington Mill. The Mill was built in 1857 and it is so, so beautiful. We wanted something with a little bit of charm but something that was also a little rough around the edges. The Mill is part of the National Trust of Australia and it's so lovely to be able to have our wedding in a beautiful, historical building! One of my lovely, lovely bridesmaid's (Annabel from fillies EMPORIUM) is making all of the bridesmaid's dresses out of some beautiful vintage bedsheets and Rachel (from Frank &Dolly's) is making some very sweet flowergirl dresses out of vintage embroided napkins for our little girls Lola and Sadie. Our neighbour, Belinda (from Rocksalt Catering) is doing the catering for our big day. I am so excited by the fact that we have sooo many beautiful and talented people involved in making our day so very special! I can't wait! Not long to go though....

some of the fabrics that will be used to make the bridesmaid dresses

making the envelops out of an atlas I bought from an opshop for the wedding invitations

envelops done! lots of trial and error but I did it!

50 envelops later...
the porarlington mill

juice bottle from our shop made into little hanging vases

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