some things we did

Sometimes it's nice to just ignore the house mess and have a spontaneous day of fun! That's exactly what we did!! A lovely walk around the lake... with a little child wrangling in between as duck poo and water is so enticing to little children, isn't it!?! There's lots of lucky people who's houses back onto the lake. They have lots of pretty flowers so we also did a bit of sneaky flower picking! I'm a serial flower picker, can't help myself. Tom was home with us today so next stop meant it had to include COFFEE! Elkhorn is one of our favourite stops, it's a cute little cafe set in between hobby farms and berry farms in Wallington. It's so lovely! Sometimes I forget that we do live in a great spot! We have so much great produce grown around us, we have so many vineyards, olive groves, fresh mussels, the ocean for fishing and BERRY FARMS! Yum! Today we went strawberry picking! I love strawberries! I also love strawberry jam! Strawberry, apple and vanilla jam in particular ;-)

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  1. What a great day! And the jam looks and sounds delicous! I've only made jam ones, but I have some good memories about it:D