Not so lazy Sunday

Today we had a busy, busy day. Today we:

*organised flowers for the wedding
*went to the Mill Markets to find wedding shoes. We found lots of pretty vintage dresses, coats, and furniture but no shoes
*popped down to meet my parents at pony club to have a picnic and watch a little of the one day event. At pony club we found: alpacas, pine cones, lots of ants trying to eat our watermelon, a shady spot for a picnic and lots of pretty horses
*climbed a tree
*went to the local nursery to buy some plants
*planted our plants in old teapots and saucepans
*watched the bath water turn black after popping two dirty girls in there
*ate chocolatey, coffee mud cake
*cleaned up the girl's messy room
*made yummy pitta bread pizza


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