Playing gardeners

How nice is it to play in the dirt! I think my dream is to live in a Californian Bungalow on a few acres where I can pop out in a nice frock and gumboots to play in the garden. I figure for now though I can do exactly that, minus the Californian Bungalow and acreage! We rent a humble little abode but do have a few vegies, herbs, flowers and chickens to keep us on our toes! I'm sure the neighbours think I'm a little mental when they see me rockin' out a beehive and floral frock while pulling some weeds out in the garden, bless them ;-)

Tom and Tristan planting corn

My hunk a-spunk...

I'm hoping this...

...turns into this again this year!

Our little herb garden

Our little chooky girls

  Tarah xx

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  1. hey your garden is looking great! will have to come over for a little look (in a floral frock of course)! x riona