woolly wall hanging

I've got to say, I'm a sucker for a pretty wall hanging. If it's a woolen wall hanging then I'm sold!

I recently found some beautiful Autumny coloured wool at our local sewing shop which I thought I might do some weaving with. The woolen gods had other plans though. A really simple shaggy wall hanging started taking shape instead. I thought I might share how I went about it in case you might like to make one too!

Select your wool, I used about two balls worth in total. This will vary depending on the size you decide to make your wall hanging. Find yourself a nice long stick or maybe you could buy some dowel at your local hardware store. I used a stick that is roughly 112cm long.

Cut your wool into lengths. I cut mine into 130 cm lengths, you can decide what lengths will look best for your wall hanging.

Make yourself a cuppa tea, pop on some music and get comfy. You'll need to cut enough to fit along the length of your wood.

Once you've cut enough woolen lengths you can start tying your wool onto your wood.

Fold your woolen length in half and hang it over your wood.

Next, take the tail end of your woolen length and thread it through the top loop of your woolen length. 

Pull it tight.

Repeat with the rest of your woolen lengths. 

Once you're finished tie some cotton at either end and hang it pretty on your wall!


  1. I just adore your DIY projects. Will tuck this little beauty away. I finally got around to making your sweet clay houses the other day :) keep em' coming lovely one xxx

    1. Oh yes! I saw your super cute pink clay houses, love them! It did make me smile. Happy to spread the crafty love xx

  2. It's beautiful. So simple and such an effective look. Thank you for the inspiration. x