We went on a little country adventure to see Tom's aunt during the week.

We ventured inland to Clunes where the air is a little cooler, the trees are bigger and the buildings are grander. We wandered the streets of the sweetest town that hasn't really been updated since it's gold mining hay days.

We collected apples from the streets, picked acorns, autumn leaves and wild flowers.

With most towns along the coast here growing and changing at such a rapid rate its so nice to spend some time in a town that has kept it's charming buildings and restored it's beauty rather than just modernising. The grand buildings in this little town are full of soul and invoke nostalgia from a time that we've only read about in history books. A time and a way of life that I feel we a growing so far away from at times. The simple life.

We came home happy, a little tired and more inspired to continue living our own simple life. 

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