autumn pace

We're getting into the Autumn pace. Warm sunshiny days and cool nights. We had a bit of an Autumn heatwave earlier this week but already the temperature has cooled right down again. It was nice to savor those few hot nights with gin and outside picnic dinners. 

We're baking with apples, pears and figs, while cinnamon is creeping into all of our baked treats again. Lola loves to munch on the apples from the apple tree at the school gate, a sweet little routine after each school day.

The weeks have been busy. So busy. There have been lots of lovely bits in between the busy bits though. Birthday gatherings in the tea tree, bike adventures, horse riding and crafting. All the lovely bits keeping us sane, calming the nerves and bringing joy.

Our Autumn festival at school marked the end of term one. The Autumn break - one we're all looking forward to. Slower days and some well needed rest and family time.

Are you welcoming the seasonal change with open arms? xx

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  1. I wish we were getting into the Autumn pace :( It's just starting to warm up here and I am not fond of the summer months.While there are more fresh flowers and vegetables, there are less chilly nights and hot coffee.

    I'm packing a bag and coming to enjoy my favorite season!