triangle shelf diy

 Today my husband and I made this triangle shelf. It was super quick and easy and a nice thing to make together. It went a little like this...

 First, decide on what wood you would like to use. You could use some new wood, like pine or re-use some timber. We used some old hard wood fence palings.

 Measure and mark out your wood. Our pieces were 570mm each - roughly half the length of a standard fence paling.

Cut your wood. You could use a hand saw for this part if you like. We're being a little cheeky by cutting all three at once here - one at a time is probably better!

 Next you'll need to take one side of your triangle and cut a 30 degree angle at each end. Take another side of the triangle and cut a 30 degree angle at one end. Your third side won't need to be cut at an angle. We're using a bevel or you could use a protractor to make sure all the angles are the same but these tools are not needed if you have a circular saw with an angle guide.

Place your shelf together to make sure all the pieces will fit together nicely. The pieces with the angled edges will be the sides.

 If everything fits snug then using a drill, screw together your triangle shelf. We put two screws at each corner - six screws in total.

To hang your shelf you could screw a hook onto the back of the shelf or you could drill a hole into each side and thread some rope through to hang. We wanted a simple look so we hung our shelf on a screw in the wall - remember to use a 'Wall Mate', plaster screw so your wall can take the weight of the shelf if you choose this method. Enjoy!

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  1. Looks brilliant! What a lovely project to do as a couple - will jot it down on the loooong list of things we'd like to make :)