summers end

Summer was here and then it was gone. I feel like it was the quickest summer ever. Maybe that's because it was a busy summer or maybe it was because it wasn't an overly warm summer?

It was a lovely summer overall. The late summer warmth is lingering, as it does most years and it's my favourite time of year right now.

Summer brought us fresh produce from the garden and the yummiest grapes from my pop's garden. We've been busy making grape cordial - it's so good!

We have spent many quiet afternoons reading stories and savoring the carefree holiday days. Rooms have been re-arranged and tidied. Evenings have been spent drinking gin cocktails and stitching purses for the Little Bubalishka shop.

We had six little chicks hatch over summer. They are so fluffy and SO fast. Fingers crossed there isn't too many roosters in the mix - passing them on will be a little sad.

Our summer ended with the most wonderful celebration with family and friends. We celebrated my husbands 30th birthday. Friends and family flew in from all over the east coast making it such a special evening.

It's Autumn now. The days are still warm but there's change in the air. We're looking forward to our Autumn adventures... x

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