The past few weeks have been a bit of a juggling act. When is life not a juggling act though, eh? When juggling so many projects that bring joy and happiness it's really not so bad. So long as I have a full teapot within arms reach and a pretty cup to drink out of then the chaos is ok.

Lola has started riding lessons and they're going along swimmingly. She is working on her rising trot and I'm one proud mama bear. Each night Lola used to wish on the first star, she would wish the same wish each time. Her wish was to ride by herself. This year has seen her wish come true and it has been so beautiful to watch.

Things I've been loving in between the chaos is the delightful smell of essential oils, my lovely new wooden vessel handmade by Third Fox, walks on the beach with our pooch Bhala and pondering what I might make with some recent linen and woolen fabric purchases.  

It's a time of remembering to keep balanced and to work on my time management so as to not get overwhelmed by everything. It's certainly an art and I'm slowly finding my rhythm again after the summer break. So long as I restrain from saying yes to anymore projects then I think I'll keep it together!

Do you have a good rhythm happing in your life? xx

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  1. Love this - can be so nourishing to sit back and be aware of the rhythms we are moving in. I am so conscious. Now is slow and mindful, but it took a conscious change to get here after a couple months of overwhelmed xx