10 things...


Spring was here and then it was gone in the blink of an eye. Does anyone else feel that the last three months just whizzed by?

Here's a few of my favourite parts of spring this year...

* evening walks along the river and beach, even if the water is still a little chilly
* our school's spring fair - event of the year for our little ones!
* watching Sadie make her spring crown at the fair, crown making is serious business
* Lola's excitement over finding Gnome's gold at the fair - magic!
* our little ones proudly arranging their spring fair treasures in their playroom
* a spring clean and purge around the house
* days spent in the sunshine working on stock - I'm extremely grateful to be able to do what I love from home
* watching our tiny dancer perform for customers at our favourite cafe!
* a change in our menu - lighter and raw foods with a sneaky rum on the side!
* bike riding adventures with our little ones, it's so nice to be able to all ride together now.

Did you have a lovely Spring? Or Autumn, depending on where you are? xx

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  1. I love the little nature table, especially the felt toadstools they're so cute!