Christmas is on the horizon. Yikes! Each year I am surprised at how quickly the silly seasons comes about.

With two months to go I figured a little online browsing was in need to get a few gift ideas. Well, when I say a little online browse you know that what I really mean is a whole evening of getting lost down the rabbit hole of beautiful online stores, right?! I couldn't help but find a few bits that tickled my fancy too (hint hint nudge nudge husband)....

                             * one * two * three * four * five * six *

Have you started thinking about Christmas yet? It's still super early - perfect for a spot of online browsing and pondering!


  1. Christmas shopping starts for me tomorrow... eep! Excitement! Don't even get me started on online stores...Oh and I love The Horse watches too. Pretty, pretty :)

  2. I know what you mean about online browsing, I do it often:) Love your Christmas selections. I 'started' the other week buying a little outfit for each girl but that's it must do some more soon I think. x