beeswax bowl

We go through alot of candles in this house. A candle is lit at meal time, sometimes when I have a bath or when it's quiet time.

We use beeswax candle sticks or beeswax candles in little clay pots. The honey scented beeswax is so peaceful and yummy! We get alot of left over beeswax that we collect to reuse.

Today's craft adventure was to make a beeswax bowl out of some of the left over wax that we have collected.

Collect your wax. You might have a collection of old candles or maybe you have bought some new wax. Either is fine.

Melt your wax. You can do this in the microwave or in a bowl placed in a saucepan of hot water on the stove - just as though you were melting chocolate!

Take a bowl to use as a mould and cover it in cling-wrap. Pour some of your melted wax into the bowl, roll the bowl around in your hands to get a nice even coverage. You will need to add multiple layers, letting the wax harden before adding more wax.

You can add some flower petals between to layers if you like!

Let the wax harden - we popped ours into the fridge for 30 minutes - then gently remove your wax from the bowl and peel off the cling-wrap.

There you go - you have yourself a beautiful beeswax bowl! Pop a tealight candle in your new beeswax bowl and enjoy! xx

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  1. Wonderful idea! Great use of all that leftover beeswax, and a lovely craft idea for the little ones xx