lusting over card lust

I want to share with you this super cute app that caught my attention recently. Card Lust!

I am a lover of snail mail but the days of receiving cards in the post seem to be dwindling, although my phone will be filled to the brim with messages when the occasion calls for it. That's why I think this new app is so sweet!

Card Lust is a steal - for about 2 bucks you have access to 12 beautiful works of art by Elspeth Tremblay and Sara Hingle to send away to your hearts desire. Card Lust allows you to type a personal message then send via email, text or social media. Easy peasy hey!

Check out Card Lust here:

Instagram: @cardlust

Card Lust is offering 20 redeem codes to those who have a US Itunes account. Simply email cardlust@gmail.com to get your code - first in best dressed! Enjoy! xx

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