autumn nature table

 Yesterday I made our Autumn nature table for Lola and Sadie's room. It was super easy and our girls love it. Would you like to make one too?

I started off by dying some wool roving brown (I have a link here to dying wool). * Next, blanket stitch some simple gnome clothes and hats. I used wooden peg people for my gnomes from this wonderful Etsy shop here, or you could also make some gnomes out of pipe cleaners, there's some great tutorials here and here * Then, using pipe cleaners I made a tree shape with four legs so it can stand up on it's own and wrapped the brown wool roving around the pipe cleaners to make the tree look tree-ish * Finally I cut some Autumn leaves out of some felt and needle felted some leaves onto the tree then scattered the rest on the ground *

There you go! Easy and a winner with the little ones! xx


  1. this is the sweetest tribute to autumn I ever did see x

  2. How thoughtful and sweet! I am so excited because spring is coming for us here. It couldn't make me happier. :) hope you're enjoying the arrival of the crisp and lovely fall equally as much!