a welcomed cool change

We've had a bit of an early Autumn heat wave down in Victoria. It's been unseasonably hot and I'm ever so grateful that we live by the sea!

The last few days have sent some welcomed relief though! Hoorah! There's been mild days and a nice cool breeze. This cooler weather has encouraged lots of productivity around the house!

I've been making preserves with the abundance of fruits and vegetables we have in our gardens and from other local farmers.

Tom has been cutting fire wood ready for the cooler months and is not-so-secrectly thrilled to play with his chain saw and wood splitter! Boys will be boys!

This cooler weather has also inspired me to sew. I have lots of dresses, tops and pants cut out ready to sew for myself and our little ones.

While I'm savouring the warmth that will still linger for a little while longer I am also looking forward to the cooler months and the change of pace and direction that it brings.

What have you been busy with lately? xx

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