finding our groove + the giveaway winner!

Lola had her first week of Kindergarten this week. I feel like a proper school mum now, doing drop off's and pick ups 3 days a week. We live 20 minutes from Lola's school so it's a bit of driving for me. Fortunately, it's a pretty country drive!

This is a whole new routine for us! This is the beginning of a long road ahead in her schooling years. Lola goes to the most darling little school and I'm so happy to be apart of that community.

In between settling back into school we've had a pretty lovely week that's been filled with blueberries, birthdays, coffee dates, crafting, evening swims and happy mail.

 How cute is my mini embroidery hoop necklace from Dandelyne!?! Sonia has so many beautiful little treats over on her page. I'm a bit excited, I've just popped in another necklace order!

I have here the Personal Planner giveaway winner too! Sadie has proudly pulled a name out of a hat and the winner is....


Megan has a lovely blog, you can pop over here for a read! 

 I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend! xx


  1. Oh big congrats Megan! (im a bit jealous!)

  2. oh how lovely is your wooly seat cover!! cant wait to have a little sit on it!
    i cant believe lola is a big kinder girl, time goes zoo fast!